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My name  is Matt Katibah, and I’m a Steelhead bum. Yes, I’m a guide as well, but I’m a fisherman first. That is to say that on any given day if there are Steelhead swimming in a river nearby one will probably find me with my feet sliding across rocks, hands frozen to the cork, making a cast quartering downstream. Whether I have paying anglers in my boat or the rod is in my hands, I’ll be there.

When I look at Steelhead fly fishing I find it incredibly difficult to find anything unpleasant about it. Spey or single hand, the casting and fly selection offer artistry, the moving water keeps your mind grounded, and the fish often leave us in a state of euphoria. Sure the weather can be less than ideal, but we all could use a little excitement in our lives. All these things coupled with the awe-inspiring landscapes that Steelhead help us see is more than enough to keep my spirits high and my mind clear every time I set out to the river.

As a fly fisherman I have been swinging flies for Steelhead for nearly a decade, longer if you want to include conventional gear fishing. I feel extremely fortunate to have had all the experiences I’ve had to date, I look forward to sharing those memories with all of you, as well as making many more in the future should our paths cross on a river bend somewhere. Until then, tight lines, happy fishing, and thanks for visiting the site! Let’s go fishing!


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